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Ultimate Guide to Replace Broken Side View Mirror Glass

Ultimate Guide to Side View Mirror Replacement

It's no secret that replacing a sideview mirror can be a huge pain. Not only do you have to deal with the unsightly shattered glass, but you also have to worry about either taking your car to a dealership or autobody shop or correctly ordering and installing the replacement side mirror. Luckily, we've put together a quick and easy guide on replacing side view mirror glass without the need to replace the whole mirror unit. With just a few simple steps, you'll be back on the road in no time!


Materials Required

  • A new side view mirror glass kit
  • A Plastic Pry tool or A flat head screwdriver
  • Safety goggles
  • Protective Gloves

Tools needed for side view mirror glass replacement

Step-by-Step Guide to Replace Side Mirror Glass

Before we begin side mirror replacement, remember that every vehicle is unique. Be sure to use the proper tools and follow the correct procedures when installing a side mirror. Follow these steps to remove and replace your side view mirror correctly:


Step 1: Order your replacement side mirror glass kit from Sideviewparts.com. Make sure the new mirror glass looks the same as the old one. When selecting a replacement mirror, choose an assembly identical to the original. This will ensure a proper fit and minimize the chances of having to make additional modifications.


Step 2: To be extra careful, apply some masking tape on the plastic around on the mirror where you will be inserting the pry tool.

Apply masking tape to plastic surrounding broken side view mirror glass

Step 4: However, before using a pry tool or screwdriver to pop the mirror and plastic bracket out. Next, tilt the mirror out of its frame. Check if the mirror glass has retaining clips. If you need to, you can release the mirror glass clips. After that, carefully pull the mirror glass and plastic bracket off of where it is attached.

Step 5: The mirror and plastic backing panel should pop off. You can also unplug the electrical connections( if necessary). It's not required for all of the car models. Disconnect the wires if it's a heated mirror.

Step 6: Install the mirror glass correctly by examining its mounting and pushing it in the same way you pried it out.

Step 7: Now you can remove the masking tape. Clean the glass of the mirror.

Step 8: Check and adjust the angle of the mirror and test it before you drive.

Adjust your side view mirror once you have replaced it with a kit from Side View Parts

Step 10: Finally Turn the key to start the car. This needs to be done to make sure that the part works right. After that, turn off the car's engine. In this way, you can change your side view mirror.

If you follow these 10 easy steps, you can fix your side view mirror quickly and for a lot less money than if you had a professional do it. Take your time, and you'll be very happy with the result.

Fixed broken side mirror glass with Side View Parts replacement glass kits


Side view mirrors are a frequent target for accidents and vandalism, but you can take steps to protect your own with these few tips-

  1. Always keep your side view mirrors clean. This will help you to see clearly what is happening around you.
  2. Be aware of your surroundings and check your mirrors often, especially when changing lanes or turning.
  3. Some vehicles have side mirrors that can fold in with the press of a button. When parking simply press the button to fold your side view mirrors in to keep them from getting damaged
  4. Use your mirrors to help you back up safely and correctly.
  5. When parking, always check your mirrors to ensure plenty of room before you pull in.
  6. Adjust your mirrors properly to see as much as possible around your car.
  7. Close parking can cause damage to your side view mirror when the car door opens and hits the mirror.
  8. Folding in your mirrors can protect them from being damaged when you're not using them.
  9. Parking on the street makes your car a more likely target for vandalism or accidents.
  10. Taking care when backing out of tight spaces can help prevent your side view mirror from being hit.

Check your side mirrors when reversing out of a parking spot

Final Thoughts

A side view mirror is an important mirror that helps you see behind you while driving. By replacing it when it’s broken, you can ensure safe driving and avoid any accidents. In this guide, we have outlined the tips and steps needed to replace your broken side view mirror safely and correctly. By keeping them clean and being aware of your surroundings, you can help extend their lifespan. Make sure to keep these tips in mind the next time your mirror needs replacement!

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