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How to install side mirror glass

Replacement Side Mirror Glass is less expensive than you think! If you have broken mirror glass you don't need to go to a dealer. You can actually purchase a side mirror glass kit from Side View Parts and install the mirror yourself by following our simple DIY side view mirror glass replacement instructions.

In most cases, to replace your side view mirror glass, you online need one tool - a plastic pry tool or flathead screw driver. Replacing side mirror glass should only take you 2 minutes. Simply use the pry tool or screw driver to pop out your broken side mirror glass and the plastic mirror base. Disconnect any electrical connections if you have heated mirrors or blind spot detection mirrors. Reconnect your heated mirror wires or blind spot detection wires on the new side mirror assembly and pop the new side view mirror glass assembly into your side view mirror. Make sure your side view mirror is adjust properly, and you're all done, you've replaced your broken mirror glass in just minutes.

Side Mirror Glass Kits - Us vs the competition

Many other mirror glass suppliers only sell you just the glass without the plastic mirror retainer but all side mirror glass kits from Side View Parts include the side view mirror glass and the plastic mirror base, all preassembled. We believe this is the best option when replacing mirror glass because if you don't get the plastic mirror retainer with your side view mirror glass then you need to deal with scraping the broken glass from the old side view mirror assembly which involves a high risk of cutting yourself the old broken glass.

Side Mirror Glass Choices

We stock replacement glass kits for many makes and models including Ford, GM, Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, Toyota and more.

We have driver side mirror replacement glass and passenger side mirror assembly and we have many heated mirrors as well as side mirrors with blind spot detection.

How much does it cost to replace side view mirrors?

Our replacement glass kits for cars start at around $25 and include fast and free shipping and the best part is, you don't even need to stop at a local auto parts store for this do it yourself project. You can have a new mirror installed on your car in a matter of minutes.